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What to expect on your first appointment:

At Sammamish Physical Therapy, we ask that you provide us with some information prior to your evaluation.  This includes:

*A physicians referral for physical therapy
        Note: Not all insurances require a referral for coverage, however it gives the physical therapist more details about your injury and aids in developing your treatment plan.

*Your insurance card

*Your Social Security Number 

*Patient Registration Forms - these can be found on our Forms page

*Any applicable payments - i.e. co-pays

*If you have a lower body injury, please bring your athletic shoes and orthotics if you wear them.

If any of your information changes over the course of your treatment please let us know immediately.

The Evaluation:

Once the necessary paperwork has been completed, an evaluation will take place between the physical therapist and yourself.  This evaluation will include questions asked about your medical history and an examination of the injured area.  Afterwards a customized treatment plan will be created for you.

Please wear loose, exercise-appropriate clothing to the appointment as we will be having you do stretches and different exercises.

The initial appointment will take about an hour and fifteen minutes including all paperwork.  All appointments thereafter will take approximately 30 to 60 minutes.

Frequency of treatment appointments depend on your diagnosis and degree of disability.

Rehabilitative Services:
*Manual Therapy
*Home Exercise Programs and Care
*Specialized Athletic Rehab Programs
*Joint Mobilization
*Gait Analysis
*Myofascial Release
*Muscle Energy
*Therapeutic Exercise
     -Progressive Resistive
     -Stationary Bike
     -Closed Chain
     -Spinal Stabilization

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